Apocalypse Please?

No this not about Muse’s great song but about a never ceasing stab at predicting the apocalypse. I had to comment on this trend of some “christian” groups who keep trying to predict the end of the world.

I remember seeing the book 88 Reasons The World Will End In 1988, in 1991. Even I got excited about the predicted end by the terminator machines in 1997, but it  never came. Harold Camping predicted the end would come in 1999 by some Jewish calendars and interesting mathematical calculations, but even math failed us. The millennium bug that was Y2K, the year to usher in the computer apocalypse also failed to boot.  The Mayans and some Christians thought 2012 was the end, we even got a mediocre movie out of it. And recently the rare Blood moon of 2015 align with some Jewish festivals thus the apocalypse. These are only a small handful of the times this has been done, rest assured this will not be the end literally, nor of this problem.

Christians please wise up. This has been done so many times. I have watched people I love make life decisions over our tendency to fall for panic inducing predictions that do little more than make both book profits and false prophets alike.
Christians we are called to be wise as serpents. Wisdom calls to us but we keep deciding we would rather be simple. Proverbs warns of the importance of wisdom and the foolishness of ignoring it. Christians are not stupid. We have a logical informed life changing Gospel and an intelligent and all loving wise God.
Why do we fall for this?
Jesus himself told us that no one would know the hour or day. So why, why do we keep thinking he is wrong and these false prophets are right?
This also doesn’t mean “But we can know the year or season!” It is meant to communicate don’t ask, you will not know. God does say we can read the signs but that means looks high for your redemption draws near not that it is meant for some kind of specific interpretation and it is definitely happening on this date so buy guns and sell your stock.
The guy on street corner holding the sign has at least the sense to not tack a date onto the warning.
Might part of it be that we are so heavenly minded we are no earthy good? What I mean we have so little to contribute and less to hope for in the here and now that only the hope of heaven moves us?
Are we maybe in danger of loving God but not so much our neighbors? If we knew the apocalypse was tomorrow shouldn’t we be preaching the gospel, rather than trying to get our ducks in a row? Anticipation of his returns is every Christian’s hope but it should change us for the here and now, for the better.
We should be that much better at love and ministry to the world. We should be that much better because there really is an urgency in the message. Today is the day of salvation!
There is an atheist website about pet care for after the rapture. It is mocking the whole concept for sure but it is clever in that we have not been. If we predict, freak-out and are duped by this only to do it all over again next time then where is our hope and our security really planted? It certainly isn’t in Jesus’ own words.
Furthermore what does this say of Christians? Well unfortunately it says we both fail to possess understanding of our own theology nor do we engage our minds beyond a fight or flight response. 
So after every mistake are we learning or is our guitar still weeping? John Lennon is spinning in his grave.
Our redemption does draw near, with every passing day it is closer than when we began, but God will come in his time and we will not know when. That is why we are told it will happen like a thief in the night. The picture is for us to prepare in such away that we are ready no matter when it is. Why? Because we do not know and will not know. The signs are a reminder of the times for the purpose of moving us to timely ministry not an indication of an expiration date.
The idea is that his return is imminent. This means we can’t know the time but we are always supposed to be prepared. We are to be ready. This is the point of the parable of the 10 virgins. Be ready because we do not know when the bridegroom will come. There are things to be done for preparation. There is a way to wait. When we chase after dates we are like the foolish virgins who are not prepared and only do what is necessary after the time has run out. We sit around with our wicks not trimmed and our oil running out. We wait for the calling of the city guard to announce his return before we move into action. This is why people chase dates because they themselves are not prepared and they need something to make them move.
Part of the reason we are not told the date is to prompt a response in us now. We have to develop a life style of discipline in order to be prepared. Or else we become the wicked servant who supposes the master is still far off and beats the fellow servants and is completely caught off guard when the master arrives.
So please dear Christian stop looking to the next prophet or world event to inform you of something that God has said he will not share. Instead understand that everyday your redemption draws near and that that means live accordingly.
Many more nice looking round numbers on the calendar will come but that should not bother us . But If not, how about February 1, 2121? It has a nice calendar looking date and It is far enough in advance for me to keep some credibility. If the Lord should tarry until the date comes to pass I will be already dead and safe in his hands.
But really, why not just listen to God?

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