My Dahli Lament

War, war never changes. To quote a modern proverb. With the recent attacks on Paris the world once again is reminded we have an enemy that will not relent, will not stop until we all convert or are killed. Shame on us for forgetting. These wolves will not go away. The Dahli Lama is a…

Temptation to Ashes (brothers part 2)

I read the story of another “christian” that turned away to atheism. It makes me sad. It should make us all sad. Why? Because this whole believers versus non-believers thing is not a popularity contest.  It is not even an “us” versus them, it is an “us”, every single last one of us, versus eternity….

Greener Grass

As tempting as it is to write about how offensive Starbucks cups are, I don’t really care. This marks one year of me writing this blog. One year of writing something on theology or some reflection on my walk with God. One blog a week.  It has been great, I really have been enjoying it….

I can’t see your Faith Brother (brothers part 1)

Commenting on someone’s faith, no I would rather not do it.  This becomes the inevitable conclusion of trying to minister in categories and ministering in categories is the inevitable conclusion focusing on sheep and goats. This is why election discussion are nor truly helpful from a pastoral perspective. We can only approach people as potential followers…