Yes Brother I Do Lift

Since we are moving and I have been busy I will post a bit of shorter one this week. This is something I wrote awhile back but I was thinking about it again because of us moving across the country and as I have been busy all week packing and lifting all our belongings onto a truck so…

Be strong if your strength comes from the Lord and be weak if your weakness gives way to the Lord’s strength. Do not lean on your own understanding but lift your shoulders as he gives strength. Re-new your strength and rise up like eagles because we wait for God’s movement. He gives strength to the weak and gives help to hopeless. I have no strength on my own. But I do lift my head to the one who gives all that I need. I lift my eyes up to the mountain where my help comes from. I stands as he gives my bones strength and I walk as he give my body life.

I am weak truly and he is strong. But my weakness allows for his strength to rise. In my weakness he is strong so I am made strong in turn. I can keep moving as he gives me his Spirit and breath.

I can drown on own, but I am ready to soar. I can fail and create massive destruction on my own just fine thank you, but God makes all things new.

For I was dead and he made me alive. For I carried the stink of death, and my smell appealed only to my fellow walking dead. But now I carry the aroma of life leading to life that he grants. He gives me the help that I need beyond my need, the needs that I don’t understand and sometimes don’t see. I cannot rest on my laurels if I even have any. I rest in his strong arm. I lift my head because I know where my strength comes from. I lift my head from the many sorrows to the Father of lights.

I also lift my voice as I call on the name of the Lord. I lift my voice and call to the one who strengthens in the days of adversity. I lift my voice to the one who guides when the night continues on for too long. The days are darker but I can lift my voice to the ever present help in time of need.
I lift my face when my soul is downcast. I lift my face when my tears draw my head down. I lift as he holds me, as my own might is nothing. He holds and guides and draws. He is with me. He is in me. He is for me. He loves me. So I can press on. I can continue the race till the reach that place that puts all the world to rest.
He gives me rest so I can rise in the morning. He gives me grace so I can rise despite my failings. Just as I will rise when he calls my name. I lift my myself into his hands. But really he has lifted me.
I rise when I fall because he helps me to stand. I lift my heavy heart when my heart is overwhelmed.
I lift my hands to worship the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. I lift them because he was first lifted for me. He spread out his hands to show them the kind of death he would die. We was lifted up on the cross and draws all the world to himself.

As he was lifted up and brought down to the depths of the earth, his life and body afterward was lifted into the sky for one the day he will return. Until then I lift my head till he returns knowing that he will lift me up when I lay me down for the final sleep.

So I lift my arms to the work of the Gospel as he has called and shown me the way. I lift my strength and give it to him to use as he gave his all for a world that did not weep as his own sacrifice. I lift as he leads and I go as he calls. I lift because he taught me how.

He taught me to lift my head when I didn’t really want to, he shortened my tether and held me close so that I would learn to lift my heart to him. So I lift my heart to the one who holds it eternally dear. I lift my faith to believe in him and I continue to do and I will with his help.

Oh, you were talking about going to the gym? Er, well I uh, maybe tomorrow.


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