Another Game of Thrones

The struggle for control. I believe this is something that all Christians will deal with at some point. So I admit I have read the books and they are quite good. Entertaining, engaging and while it does have some occasional questionable material, that is easily dealt with by simply turning the page. The overall message is compelling: there is a throne worth having, a kingdom worth ruling, but in times of turmoil who has the rights to it? It has the typical fantasy tropes but it really is more of a political chess board in action. It is quite fascinating.

There is right and wrong, but do those always help when trying to achieve the throne? Not always, because the end game is the point. Sometimes what looks like the noblest move doesn’t guarantee the best outcome. Even I was surprised that the noble character who always committed to the good made unwise decisions because of his commitment to honor. But in thinking about the importance of political maneuvering it reminded me how we play our own games of thrones with God.

The difference is the size of the throne and the nature of the opponent.

He has the throne and the rights but how often we maneuver as if we were trying to  plant ourselves in his seat. The obvious example is who’s will gets carried out in the realms of our lives?

Am I Christian for my glory or for his? Is it OK with me when my will doesn’t  get accomplished, well it should be, if we understand who the King is. See I think for us in America we fail to understand Kings, after all we overthrew our last one. America started in a place of rebellion, albeit for decent reasons, but have we carried that view of “no taxation without representation” into our relationships with the very King of Kings?

Do we treat God this way? If I am going to serve, going to give, then there better be some kind of payout. If God wants my faithfulness then where is the favor? You got my protection money, so where is my protection?

Or I can use the Bible. Doesn’t the principle of sowing and reaping apply here? If I do this, then I get that. As an American I understand how this transaction goes. If I work hard I get paid. I control the influx of blessings in my life as I do my part.

These are true principles but a King has the power and authority to change things up. He has the right to act as he sees fit even if I don’t view it as fair. When we say it is not fair we admit we do not understand sovereignty, we do not understand monarchy. We do not understand that we are under rule.

This is hard because we are both a creation, a subject to the maker, and an heir of the King. We are an heir to a King that will never succeed the Throne. This is what is important to remember: we may be an heir to the King but the realm will never change into our hands. We have ambassador status sure, we have son-ship status sure, but we do not take up our own wills for we are still under his rule.

A major theme in the books is blood lineage. Who has the right to succeed? Who has the best claim to the throne? There are two dominating points. Might and blood. Might can overcome blood but does might alone buy the loyalty of the people? Does it call them to arms when needed? Or does blood have more of a rallying call to the people? Which one actually brings the people to the field of battle?

Obviously is it best to have both.

For Christianity God has both. His Son has the best and only claim and his kingdom will never be checked. As heirs of the promise as well, the question becomes how do we sit in that shadow? Is his banner over you love? Or it is a universal sign of tyranny? Do you buffet against it? Or do you rest in his realms of peace? Are we vying for prominence or waiting till the king passes on so we can begin our rule?

It may be a difficult truth but let’s look at some of the benefits rather than focus on what may appear to be shortcomings. As a son, an heir, an ambassador I can stand on what a greater authority than myself says. I don’t  have to worry about whether I am secure in my position. I don’t have to be the best communicator because it is the King’s edict that is final not mine. I also know that the message I bring, I stand for, is validated by God Himself, I don’t have to make good on his promises he does.

I am accountable as he is faithful. I also don’t need to fret about whether his will will be accomplished. He is all powerful and his kingdom will not be overcome. His words will not return void, if I am saying his words there is no worry. His power will not be checked. His Kingdom will not be shaken.

But there is a third attribute that wins people. Being a good King. We have this one as well.

When I struggle with God in my own game for his throne I am a dust mite struggling for dominance over a dinosaur. It may feel like I deserve this or deserve that but I am just not paying attention to the odds which are insurmountably against me.  This is as much the point while not being the point at all. We can never wrestle control of the throne and we are not supposed to.

The point is that we do not have to, we simple realize that we are on the same page, the same family, the same team. We honor the same throne and the best place to be in is a part of his kingdom rather than trying to rule my own.

And best of all he is a good King. He looks out for his people, he loves them. He welcomes all into his kingdom, but he does have rules. Honor the King!



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