Logistics and Stones

C.S.Lewis’ helpfully pointing out of Jesus’ own mental health. He was either a liar lunatic or Lord. In other words Jesus words either have meaning or they don’t, why? Because for his words to have meaning it meant that he believed, he reinforced the notion of truth and right and wrong. This of course works because he literally inspired the book on it.

C.S.Lewis then teaches that logically Jesus can be one of those three things but he can’t be all of them. In other words logically we have to choose which one we believe. It is the logical thing to do after all.

With the internet and the advent of free and welcome commenting we have the rise of the new stone and stick throwers. We either have people who attack and attack fueled by their emotions of which I have commented on before here or what we also have is the amateur intellectuals. Their main purpose seems to be to use logic to destroy the opponents who sadly weren’t ever really concerned beyond their current felt need.

It is today’s parable of “pearls before swine”.
I think people have gathered this. I really want to focus on how Christian commentary falls victim to this type of dialog continually. This happened when we as Christian commentators communicate Christian truth in the building blocks of logic and then we are astounded or flustered by the wind passing over their the collective heads.

What we really need to be asking ourselves is why we think that a society drowned in relative thinking should or will respond to our point by point presentation of their logical fallacies? “What do you mean a man cannot be a woman?!!”  I am not saying do not engage in apologetics, we certainly should, but there comes a point when both sides are simply returning the flying stones. As Jesus taught “if they will not heed the law and the prophets they will not believe even if a person should rise from the dead.” Luke 19.

In other words, for us, if people will not accept the Word of God then why are we dumbfounded when they equally operate with their feet firmly planted on shifting sand? They will not accept proofs, miraculous or logical, when they have already rejected God’s own words. When they refuse to see what God himself has clearly presented then we can only pray. Even the Pharisees who knew that the resurrection had taken place still refused to acknowledge it and began to spread rumors and lies about the body being stolen. It was as obvious as a miracle.

But the unbelieving individual has both the benefit of not playing by the rules while also writing new ones, however they also have the judgment that that entails. We should not be surprised or frustrated that we cannot win a debate with a debased mind. Be glad that you have a mind influenced by the Holy Spirit.

Paul adds to this in 1 Corinthians when he teaches that Christ crucified is the power of God and that this is foolishness to men. For God’s foolishness he continues, if there is such a thing, is wiser than men. He continues on later in chapter 3 to say that the wisdom of men is also foolishness before God.

We do not have common ground even in logic with the unregenerate man. If so we could win more debates but it is never about better argumentation or consistency but understanding that it takes God’s power to raise the dead.

See I really feel we miss the purpose of evangelism when we do this. This is why my blog is almost always directed at the church. I expect the church to care about the word, to care about growth, to care about the kingdom of Christ, to care about the consistent theology of God. I do not however expect the world to, nor do I waste precious energy when they don’t get it. I don’t even expect or demand them to reason logically necessarily. I wish they would and some do but often it seems they are more prone to the stone and stick throwing and emotional reasoning. But I remember that my bones are under the command of God. He see’s to them when breaking may be on the docket.

Even though we haven’t yet gotten to physical violence to silence us, words do hurt don’t they? If only life were as simply as Sponge-bob teaches? But they don’t need to throw stuff at us but laugh us off as unsophisticated, ignorant, bigots, as they have. The problem with this is that mocking draws an audience. If we can be mocked into silence then they win. So they continue to do so to all conservative thinking and morality and all evangelical Christianity. It has worked we are on the outside looking in. Silence is the obvious response when the world loves the entertainment of someone being laughed at. If someone can be laughed at then that someone can be ignored, but the Bible even speaks to this in Proverbs 14.

Leave the presence of a fool,
for there you do not meet words of knowledge.
The wisdom of the prudent is to discern his way,
but the folly of fools is deceiving.
Fools mock at the guilt offering,
but the upright enjoy acceptance.

This does not mean we shouldn’t try but at some point we should make the connection that we are talking to people with completely different world views and values and that perhaps they do not care about “proofs”. Perhaps protesting and arguing on Facebook is not beneficial. We may need a different approach. Could it be we need an equally emotionally charged appeal to the gospel because their very lives are at stake?

Answer not a fool according to his folly,
lest you be like him yourself.
Answer a fool according to his folly,
lest he be wise in his own eyes.

This is a difficult position, we are supposed to care about the souls of the stone and stick throwers. It may just be that our reason does not appeal to a fallen world. It may just be that our logic will not break down a calloused heart. Using a logic with a person who rejects it is folly as the proverbs says, but there is a wisdom that penetrates. The Gospel can. Let’s say it together:

“The Gospel can, what I can’t”.

The blindness is willful because the person is literally spiritually dead. This is why is takes the regeneration of the Spirit, this is why it is through grace that we are saved. This is why Paul says the Gospel is the power of God. God’s power moves people who are unmovable. God’s power loves and melts hearts of people who are unlovable, unmovable. God’s power destroys the works of the enemy in a way that mortal man can never do. So let’s say it again. “The Gospel can, what I can’t.”

So what line or reasoning should I be using in communication and debate with nay-sayers? Logic will only get you so far but the Gospel transforms lives.

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