On the increase of his Government

I gave this sermon on 5/22/16 about Government and the trying times we are in and how that causes us to not want to believe Romans 13:1-7. Sermon here 🙂

Below is a somewhat synopsis.

I don’t want to be political as in trying to influence policy, that is not my purpose. But commenting on the role of government is an entirely Christian thing to do. I didn’t realize that Handle had it so right. Isaiah 9:7 says the increase of his government will not end. God is not looking for a hippie love fest of no rules but an increase of his reign that has no end.

I want to put forward the thesis that the very presence of Governments rather than not is the picture that God is still in control. They may not always enact his judgments justly but the fact that man have resolved to be governed is a concession of the need for a ruler and a picture of our being subjects. Some governments are truly created better than others but all speak and point to God’s rule.

If we truly believed that man was generally good-natured and that we are products of evolutionary change and that humanism is the best “ism”. Then we would resort to survival of the fittest. The fittest among us would make good, profitable, human-building decisions and the people would rejoice. But we don’t do we? That goal of Utopia is never quite realized. People are not that great are they? We always come back to the need to be governed, don’t we? Let’s instead recognize the need to be governed, as a testimony to God.

What do you truly want, a vote for God or a vote for barbarism? Barbarism was crushed because a local warlord could never govern beyond the swing of his axe. The strongest swing of the ax is what survival of the fittest is all about. But God tells us that from Romans 13 that Governments are his ministers to bring justice. Just as the heavens declare the glory of the Lord I believe Governing bodies declare the people to truly be subjects.

I believe because the world has increasingly moved towards more justice and less barbarism, that that is a testimony to Romans 13 being true. God does have ministers that he has left behind. In the same way the church is a testimony to Christ. Government is a testimony to a higher authority that governs. Is it s testimony that man needs accountability. Our history only reaffirms and declares our need to be ruled.

In the same way God says if you will not come accept my offer of forgiveness you will receive the judgment. God similarity says if you will not accept my ministers rule in governments you will reap judgment from me. God says that those that govern are his ministers. It is his ministry that there be justice of the earth. God has decidedly voted for rule rather than for anarchy. God has made the choice that he would rather a fallible leader govern than the return to the mantra “in those days there was no king in the land and everyone did what was right in their own eyes.”

Our kingdom’s of sand are washing away and God continually props up someone to maintain justice. God doesn’t send a flood every few years to wipe us out not because we do not deserve it but because he has rendered all the judgment to the Son. In his stead he has left stewards to run things.

I have written more about this here God’s Avenger and Do we really need to fight the Avenger?



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