On Miracles

The Bible tells us in Romans that in order to be saved we need to believe two things.

because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.10 For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved. (Romans 10)

We need to believe that Jesus is Lord which is his testimony, which comes about from understanding the Biblical history, and second you have to believe in miracles. The first is tied to the second. I can believe Jesus was a man in history, but why must he be Lord? Well he would be Lord if he did the kinds of things that the pages of the Gospels attest to. Like for instance saying he would die and then raise again from the dead.

Now anybody can simply say that, just like anybody can be called Lord or at least ask to be called Lord. When people prophecy something that comes true, others should listen. When someone prophecies about the impossible and it comes true we should be amazed. When someone prophecies about the unthinkable in such a way that it would require supernatural power and then performs it himself, we should be awed, and change our way of addressing such a person.

Jesus is Lord because he rose from the dead. He displayed the ultimate power. The power to overcome that which all of us succumb too, an end. At the very basic level, faith is asking of us to believe miracles are possible. This is what the last two posts were about; the ability to wonder creates the ability to believe. Not believe in simply metaphorical miracles like aunt Sally making it home for Christmas, it is the season after-all, but actual supernatural-mind-bending-miraculous power. Raising from the dead qualifies as such, and we should wonder what else this person can do?

Jesus says he will share this power and grant eternal life to others? Yes, please. But the requirement is to believe in this miracle and surrender all allegiances. But this might make me pause and ask well what kind of Lord is he?

So then we go back to the history to find out. He is the kind of Lord who is concerned over the suffering of others. He heals, he comforts, he leads, he teaches, he loves, not only that but he possess great power. Now that sounds like a great leader. Someone I would want to follow. But it comes back to that question will you believe in miracles? Because for us, we did not get the chance to witness the phenomena first hand.

Will I believe that the miraculous did and does happen? Will I believe that they happen and are caused by a benevolent God?

Well miracles by definition can not be fact checked, can they? They do not have a normal explanation and follow logical reasoning. All we can say is that something happened,but we do not have the building blocks of why and how? It is outside the natural law. So if miracles cannot be verified as fact per-se, it can only be attested too, can’t it? This is the point. I cannot go back and view the resurrection. I cannot go back and interview Jesus or his disciples. I cannot go back and view creation (neither can evolution by the way) We only have the remnants of the testimony. So the question is do I believe in miracles or not? Will I allow such ideas credence?

If not then the testimony will probably never change the facts that dead people do not rise from the grave. If I do postulate that the miraculous could happen, then I would be more interested in looking at the writings of some who are making such claims. If I am open to the idea that this world system is not all there is, so much so that there could be a great more than meets the eye going on, I will be set up for faith. This is what is asked of us.

Will you confess Jesus as Lord because he rose from the dead? Will your heart allow for this kind of belief? Will your mouth allow for this type of confession?

Someone will say well, I don’t believe that. So my next question is are you at least willing for it to be true? Would you like to live in a world where life after death is possible? Would you like to live in a world where there is deeper meaning and mystery than simply what we touch, taste, smell, hear, and see? Do you want to live life where love is truly real as your identity is actually founded in a loving relationship greater than yourself? Do you want that kind of childlike hope?

We can all relate to coming of age stories because it is all in our timelines. Some of us simply reminisce, while others are going through it, but we all relate, some of us look back and long and others look forward in hope. But this is a time that passes. We love this time of wonder and exploration and discovery! This kind of searching and experience and new beginning can be ours always because we haven’t truly arrived yet. Jesus is inviting us to that kind of wonder again. We simply do not yet know how great a salvation we have. There is countless growth and numerous experiences with Christ and an eternity of life and love in the balance, or you can decide you know better.

Do you want faith? That is what Christians ask on behalf of Jesus. Our choices do not create reality but they certainly reflect the one we are living in. So miracles, will you believe, do they happen or not?

Tis the season to at least ask the question, right? This is why all those Christmas songs mention Christ by the way. This season when buying all those presents think about: Do I give because I was given the ultimate gift from a benevolent God or is it because I have a list to complete? Go and find out, because the least you could do is save a little money. But the most you could save? Is your very soul and enter into the greatest relationship there is.

Merry Christmas



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