The struggle with Love

I first wrote this when 50 shades of Grey came out but never got around to publishing it, but now with 50 Shades Darker darkening the horizon further of America morality I will do so now. Love is in the air, everyone is seeking it, everyone knows that it is out there to be found….

A Liberation Theology

This idea of Liberation Theology is making the rounds again, so let’s talk about what it is. A lot progressive Christians are getting on this cart this time around. The premise is basically that God has preferential treatment and thus a mindset towards those who are in bondage, or the downcast or the dregs of society….

Dancing with God

I know very little about dancing except that you need rhythm and there should be a leader. I notice that our walk with God can be like a dance. Then I see that dancing with God, often I at times try to take lead and step on his toes. I feel like because I can feel…

A little Boldness in the Mix

What we need is boldness. Now boldness is something that is hard to do when it is in short order. It is difficult to take a hard stance when all those other stances seem to be so shifty and accommodating all the time. We wouldn’t want to stand out, especially if there are snipers about. But…