Whose Utopia?

We have had a lot of riots again. People really seem to believe that fires and forcing of wills is a useful way to communicate. Riots at the presidential inauguration, riots at Universities to stamp our opposing viewpoints. Riots, not protests, but violence in order to force an opinion. Even many of our protests calling for violence as well. Just a lot of lack of peace. As our world continues to scream and try to stamp out truly free speech that offends them I hope that enough other people have started to ask why? I don’t say this as a concerned American as such but as a follower of Christ whose message depends on the ability to freely receive or refuse the Gospel.

I suppose if you really believed that you were creating utopia then ultimate power and control would not be too large a price to pay right? If Animal Farm and 1984 have taught us anything it is that to begin a paradise is to begin to squash freedom of speech and usurping power and influence. Some eggs have to get smashed for that particular omelette. At least those who would be in control think so. Christianity stands in stark contrast to the notion of a human utopia. The Word of God reminds us that our attempts will not result in true freedom and the brotherhood of man. This is why a political party can be at such odds with Christianity. Christianity does not and will not buy into the notion that any government program will ever deliver.

Islam believes if every knee bows to them there will be peace. Hinduism believes if everyone would stop desiring we would reach nirvana. Jews believe that following the law towards the messiah coming will set up the new power of God (but they missed him). Atheists believe if people would drop religion that humanism would thrive and people would get along. Government believes if everyone would just listen and submit to them there would be prosperity. Angry mobs believe that with enough noise and destruction that people will come around to, peace?…Heh. Christians understand we will never reach any utopia by ourselves or by any program. This is why Jesus comes to us and says I will make all things new. Christians do not have a better-tomorrow program because we know that his kingdom is not of this world.

What we do is instead is come to faith and impact the communities where we live while awaiting his return. Today is the day of Salvation, not when a better tomorrow comes about. This means bringing Gospel truth to our worlds and rejecting other programs that try to control, even if they have our best interests in mind. We will not create a utopia, what we need is deliverance.

I know that problems have arisen for us because of this truth, some Christians have rejected social engagement, but this is never the answer. The answer is of course to work for the peace of the city, (Jeremiah 29:7) but it is not an advanced tomorrow project that we need, but one that is couched in Jesus. Whatever we do, we must always do it by the power of God, by the transformative power of the Gospel. This means we work while infusing the truth. We cannot for instances seek the good of a community while adapting notions of “good” that fly in the face of the Word of God.

This is why we get in trouble with progressive thinking because they want to bring about a certain utopia that has definitions in human freedom and not necessarily in God. God’s plan of redemption is always going to look different from our social programs because God’s answer is himself. Since we will not fall in line, those in power must acquire more of it to work around us. This is why our religious freedoms must be handicapped for the greater “good” as defined by those wanting such power.

People who swallow these utopiates, desiring a peace and freedom without God, will always be at odds with those who refuse to do so because our hearts belong to another. This is why Christianity will always be at odds with the world. Our allegiances cannot be bought, cannot be coerced, our loyalties point elsewhere, our hearts are elsewhere, our hopes lay elsewhere. So when Christians do this it poses a threat to mere human authority.

Whatever our hopes are for this earth, if they do not begin with Christ then down the road we will probably find ourselves on opposing sides, or even worse attempting to pay him lip service while adding bricks to the walls of our own decided Babylon. Ever wonder why corruption seems to attract secular intellectuals? Well because with secular intellectuals you already have the ones who are quite impressed with their own ideas, so much so that they are willing to have force bring about their wills. That’s how impressive their intellects are. This pride is the complete opposite of Christianity. (Proverbs 19:21, 26:12, 24-26, 28:5, 26) This flies in the face of man needing to bow the knee to a greater authority.

This is why God’s call is an invitation not a demand. This is why coercion is patently false and the church does not operate in those terms and why it has been wrong every time it has. There is only the consequences of our choices. Some choices have a way of freedom for the mind and heart away from any tyranny and this is what we share: come to the Lord.

The existence of God will always curb man’s ambition and therefore his followers will always resist mankind’s grasp at ultimate power. This is why we cannot bow down to any golden idol placed before us, even if it means refusing a special kind of temporary peace and freedom and even one with a mask of expressing a brotherhood of man. Any expression of the brotherhood of man even if it could be argued as a common good, let’s say like a tower to heavens to keep all men as one and together so that nothing they do will be squandered? Even that good is to be resisted when it includes pretending there is no God and he hasn’t asked of us something.

The world will continue to scream and push and demand and burn till its own way is established, but even then they will not be satisfied.

Sheol and Abaddon are never satisfied, and never satisfied are the eyes of man. Proverbs 27:20

The world will never create the end goal of peace without the cornerstone of Christ. God will sit in the heaven’s and laugh at the whims of man and their plans to thwart him. This may not always mean a laugh for his followers while we experience real persecution but we know that our redeemer lives and therefore it is never a question of whose utopia to sign up with, but of his Heaven that we are concerned with.

Make sure your end goal is Jesus.



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