No Women, No kids

Let me explain…In the ’90s an action thriller movie The Professional came out (a personal favorite of mine) the story was of one hitman who had a rule set that he followed in order to not become a monster. He wouldn’t Kill women or kids, he did his job well, he kept to himself, he was professional. Sure some may cry sexist today but that was his own moral code that kept him…moral, so to speak.

A similar code that we all seem to have had is No Politics, No Religion. We had this to keep conversation and relationship cordial and professional. But this has broken down and seems to be all we can talk about which is why cordial has also largely gone. The sad thing today is politics seems to be the only thing people can talk about, so the rules haven’t’ been followed and when religion is brought in it is considered anti-PC. We don’t want those morals! We talk about politics until someone says something like “No women, No Kids” and that gets shouted down as not politically correct.

Well, when we don’t say things like “we should protect the women and protect the children.” We get more Weinstein’s, Spacey’s, Cosby’s, Hoffman’s, Seagal’s, Franken’s, Moore’s and whoever is next in that house of cards. When we celebrate Hugh Hefner as a cultural hero shouldn’t we gain a heart of wisdom? If this is what our heroes look like, what will our villains appear as? Well, so far they seem to be increasingly powerful men who sexually abuse the vulnerable under them, just like a story from a movie! If all our entertainment is so sexually charged and our actors, directors, and writers have to embody the moment to make it more believable, should we really be surprised when these entertainers are themselves as sexually charged when the cameras turn off? Or the many others who entertain themselves with it reproduce it off screen? It is supply and demand, consumption and craving. Sex sells, yes it does, because people are buying! We celebrate 50 Shades of gray and then are surprised to learn there are more than only that many shades of smut to be discovered. Why be surprised when it happens in reality?

When we refuse to curb our lusts for both sex and power, we lose rules of engagement, rules of civility, when we pretend that there is no truth but what we make for ourselves, then we will see nothing but the bottom of the barrel such as survival of the fittest. Is our country so overrun with sloth that we have a failure to outrage? Well, no we simply have a failure to outrage over actual injustice. We are more than willing to outrage over temperance, accountability, responsibility, religious morals, sexual fidelity and evil only when it is so blindingly obvious that it can’t be covered up.

If you feed kids sugar they will go crazy, if you feed a society a steady helping of any met sexual desire they will likewise go crazy. How many deviants need to surface before we call into question our ideas of normal that we are kidding ourselves with? Normal sexual behavior has already been downgraded to consent. The sex act has no boundaries. Of course, don’t wait for marriage. It is not, should I refrain from this with a stranger? Not, should I be doing this for money? Not, should I be doing this to be famous? Not, should I be doing this to be rich? Not, should I be doing this because it is morally repugnant? But as long as I want too. That is the world we are creating by simply refusing to self-govern. When we refuse to acknowledge morality, we become the barbarians. When we continually say yes to everything, it becomes increasingly harder to tell ourselves no.

When we reject rules of chastity and fidelity and accountability and basic self-control, when our entertainment grows continually closer and closer to our closet lusts when pornographers are legitimate entertainers. The more we can get actors and actresses to sign on to act out roles they would be horrified to actually have happened in reality. The more the moral fabric is worn away. They might not actually be doing it, but you normalize it by displaying that somewhere someone is doing this kind of thing. As much as somewhere someone was willing to be paid to do it, so is someone somewhere wanting to pay to be entertained by it and in the same way someone somewhere is acting it out despite the consequences. Is normalization of sin from the silver screen and pornography really that hard to comprehend?

Shouldn’t someone tell these writers and directors that they are not willing to perform that on screen? Oh but they will just find someone else, maybe, but at least you haven’t compromised and contributed to that erosion. If people do not speak up there is nothing to be done but wait out the next scandal. If we refuse to say “No women, no children.” Then what you get is more women and more children being abused. That is the problem, apparently right and wrong have become elusive. If not, then we are truly in a scary predicament where we have reached the point where amorality is the standard. If true, we are all in trouble. Thank God at least we still outrage at abuse. But this is the result of the groundwork we have been laying. Left is right, up is down, man is girl, my way or the highway, age doesn’t matter, babies don’t matter, sex doesn’t matter, facts don’t matter, what I feel is right and nobody is going to tell me it is wrong. In fact, that is where true evil now resides, in challenging someone’s decided sinful happiness. We cannot continually feed ourselves poison and then rage that people end up in the hospital, nor be surprised when we produce more barbarians.

God gave the law as a school teacher to keep us from destroying ourselves.

Looking through the Old Testament we see how the Israelites fell even when they had the best circumstances to prosper. They were out of Egypt, they were out of the wilderness, they were through the judges period, they were established in the land, they even had a faithful King who walked in the ways of the Lord, but they still had to choose to continue to walk in God’s ways. We have had some of the best circumstances in the world for a living, why else is everybody trying to come here? But things are so backward, so out of place, that without right and wrong we are no safer than a battle zone. At least in a battle zone, you are allowed to point out carnage. But we have thrown off the influence of God and are continually running after other gods. Romans reminds us that when we throw off the truth of God we will run after the creatures rather than the creator. We run after each other’s flesh. It wouldn’t be such a big thing except that we were a God-honoring society. There is an anti-God intentionality that we are reaping the whirlwind of.

What we are left with is not even having rules in place to relate to one another. God didn’t simply come to teach us how to relate to God, but how to dwell together in a way that works much better than simply survival of the fittest. Stop abusing one another is at the top of the list! When we cannot even stand up in a society and say that “No, actually women and men are created differently” and “Stop butchering our unborn” and “Stop living such licentious lives if you want to curb the lustful deviants”. If we refuse to listen to such contentions because they sound too prudish or backwater and religious, then is it any wonder that we are to a place where those same women and children are being trafficked for our own lusts, being abused on and off a screen and in the capitol? Are we really still going to refuse to see all the links?

As our morals plummet, our civility in tow falters, and it becomes increasingly difficult to turn the tide. So what exactly was wrong with the threat of someone saying we should curb our lusts? It makes people feel bad, I get it. We want to play with sin and not get burned, but that’s not how fire works.

Freedom from fidelity and religious commentary on our sexual practices has not made us a utopia of free love and expression. We say “Wait, let us continue to indulge our every sexual proclivity and over time people can be taught to not abuse one another!” But that is not a lesson that follows from self-actualizing your every sexual fantasy. So we have crafted our own golden calf that we have bowed down to and gone out to play with. The golden calf of our lusts has driven us from the worship of the true God, and certainly from civility. All because we wouldn’t be told no. Is feeling bad such a big thing, that sexual violence is a worthy price to pay? Fear of an opposing viewpoint and fear of the opposite sex are all acceptable prices because someone isn’t made to feel bad about their sins?

The world fights and protests religious morality and fidelity because they think they are part a movement and they are, but it is one that has no idea what virtue is. It is one that worships the idol of self. Our society loses but as long as our lusts and pornographic desires are met that is good? Well, that is why victims grow. As long as we don’t feel bad it is OK to continue a system that destroys lives, attacks each other violently and perpetuates sex slavery. Perhaps it is time to stand up again and speak those prudish morals again to a society that wants nothing to do with curbing their choices? Perhaps continually seeing the result of destroyed lives will have an impact? Or perhaps we will continue to compartmentalize the whole problem as someone else’s issue, refusing to acknowledge that sex had been commodified for a reason.

Without the prophets, our world will continue to decay, and perhaps there are still 7000 in the land who haven’t bowed the knee, but then I would like to see them speak up. Churches stop caving on what the Bible teaches us is moral. Churches use your voice and influence to call people to repentance because forgiveness is available. The church’s mission is not to condemn, but it is a call to us home. God is merciful and compassionate slow to anger and rich in love. He forgives all and even will forgive this. Things can change but not if we refuse to stop sipping poison.

God is real, so inquire of him, call out to him. And if God is real then let us not be ashamed to say “No Women, No Kids”. Furthermore get on your knees and cry out to God for help. God allows a nation to spiral down into judgment, but might part of that be because the church hasn’t prophesied to it? Let’s use our voice and perhaps save a few.





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