About the Author

Welcome to Blogabers. The title of the blog is nothing more than the word Blog and my name Gabe smashed together with a resulting RS thrown in for good measure. So that is what all that is about. It works.

The man Gabriel Ponce is a local Pastor in Tucson Arizona who is passionate about developing people’s relationship with Christ.  I am concerned about graciously living, growing in mercy, and helping others to walk following Christ, trying to balance the actual truth of the Word with the very real problem of living in a world that has gone terribly wrong from the fall. The more I listen, the more I want the song “Christ be all around me” to define and inform my way of life.

This blog is intended for all audiences but the focus is primarily on the Christian experience, and how he/she lives and navigates a world that does not know God. While true, this is also evangelistic (for non-believers) I come back to the Gospel often, always pointing to Christ, always reminded us of the hope. The aim is to discuss church, theology, life, and culture from a Biblical perspective and since we all have a bias to decidedly make the Bible’s perspective this blogs bent. While obvious sounding enough, this means that the plain text of the Word is sufficient for interpretation and simply to recognize that our own pre-conceived ideas usually press to manifest in the text, or without it. I want to work while acknowledging them and attempting to suppress them giving preference to the text itself. This means if the Bible speaks to an issue, then God has a perspective that we as Christians should submit to. If not there may be principles to garner, and if not then we fall to the realm of wisdom for help, always being aware of the history. In all things to give God glory.

Honestly, this is partly me working through many issues for myself, that a pulpit doesn’t always grant opportunity for on a Sunday morning. I believe that Christian truth should be utilitarian. I choose to educate and study to show myself approved. This is a process we are all called to do, I hope that many of you will not only join me in my journey but choose to do as well for yourself. This is loving the Lord God with not only our hearts, souls, and strength, but also with our minds as we are commanded.

I enjoy writing, music, drawing, and apologetics, which is probably why I am left-handed. I am married 15 years to Kimberly Ponce and we have two boys, Raphael and Augustin. I have lived in many cities and seen a lot of different church experiences. I completed my undergrad in Theology at Moody Bible Institute Chicago and completed Seminary at Grand Rapids Theological as well. I have many fictions in progress that perhaps one day I will publish, in the meantime, I think the bigger call for me is to just write and continue to stand for the faith, while the world continually hopes that more of us will simply not. I post once a week usually around Wednesday as I have other duties to attend to, and Wednesday is just a great day for it.

Here some old entries that should give you a bit of my flavor.

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Christopher Hitchens and Metallica On Atheism and Forgiveness

A Lack of Clarity (all those versions part two) On the Bible (response to relevant magazine)

A man meets a Ghost (a short story) A story about ghosts and Theology




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